Court Boice’s Plan for the Curry Recovery

Court Boice Plan for the Curry RecoveryAccounting — Fiercely protect the interests of the Tax Payers … Every penny, every budget, every year … Zero Waste !!

3 Commissioners — 3 Years … The completed and detailed plan to be unveiled on 1-31-17.

Respecting Oregon Public Meeting Laws — A consistent daily challenge for the new BOC to understand and pledge to fully comply with all Oregon Public Meeting Laws.

Board Chair — On our First Meeting (new board convening) Request fellow Commissioners to elect me as the new BOC Chair. I will work to promote a “Team, goal-setting and problem solving atmosphere”.

Curry Commissioner Base Salary. Forego $20,000 — (a good faith offer) towards a partial salary for a County Administrator (Chief Administrative Officer).

Commissioner Records — Move all to the ‘care, custody and completion’ of the Curry County Clerk … (Minutes presently not available for many recent BOC meetings,etc.)

Economic Recovery Strategy — South West Oregon and Curry — are now registered domain names and are at the disposal for Curry
County Economic Improvement efforts. Any prospective Company understands the word “Commerce”. We will compete with all Counties and Cities for business start-ups.

Economic Development Funds — take that money out of the hands of the Commissioners and put it into a local volunteer Industrial Economic Growth Board. We should not invest with our competitors in Coos County. Recommendations (from the board) back to the Commissioners could be monthly or bi-monthly.

Association of Oregon O&C Counties Litigation with the Bureau of Land Management. Fully Support and be actively involved. BLM and USFS not living up to their contractual agreements with Curry.

Team up with Curry Private Timber Owners — Work with Curry Parks Department, Coos-Curry Forest Patrol, Curry Sheriff’s Department, Curry Assessor and Curry Road Department. How to more effectively assist with fire prevention, environmental issues, best management, public access, planning, roads,etc. (eventual revenue must come back to Curry).

Create a ‘Curry County Forestry’ Program — Including scheduling the harvesting of Curry Owned Timber, (North County, 500 acre combined Parcels — 20% each year for 5 years). General concept: After harvesting, reforestation and related costs — 50% of proceeds transferred to the Curry general fund, 25% dedicated toward investment for additional stands of Timber. 25% for re-payment of County Road Funds.

US Forest Service Park Transfers to Curry County — Curry Parks can easily be prepped to manage these parks and handle the extra load. Additional funds, employment and tourism promotion.

County Road Fund Investments — BOC needs to take a more active role in ‘Road Fund’ investments. Generally they’re receiving less than a 1% return on their reserves.

County Owned Vehicles — properly marked (other than license plates) for improved public awareness.

Curry Commissioner (3) Individual Responsibilities
A) One traveling around Oregon (State Capitol, Association of Or Counties, required boards, etc.)
B) One staying (full time) close to the BOC office and fully accessible to the (CAO) …
C) One attending most evening meetings (public interest) around the county …
(all above of course in addition to Liaison responsibilities) All (3) would share an equal responsibility and commitment to faithfully report to and update fellow board members.

County Commissioner Car(s) — With Board approval, I would make a request to Road Master Doug Robbins to provide me an — “ol clunker” — ( this would be far cheaper than turning in monthly mileage).