Man who chased bank robber is a hero

Statesman Journal – February 9, 2011

Sadly, the Feb. 2 online poll question (“What do you think about the actions of a bank customer who chased the suspect after a recent bank robbery?”) reveals that only one in four recognize heroism when they see it.

For too long we’ve been conditioned that to get involved is “foolish” and “dangerous,” so that we now honor the one who turns away, with hands in his pockets, as wise.

Court Boice is the son of Allen Boice, former Curry County sheriff, immortalized in the book “River Rogue Sheriff.”  Allen was not a career lawman, simply a man who saw a need and stepped up.  He raised Court to do what’s right and look out for his neighbors.  Knowing Court, to do nothing never crossed his mind.

Of course the police tell you not to get involved: they don’t want you to risk harm.  What happens to our civilized society without the protectors among us: police, firefighters, the military and, yes “foolish” men like Court Boice?

-Bruce Hoffman, Salem

Court Boice - man who chased bank robber